Who is this guy anyway?

Born and raised in Granada (Spain)

I studied Bachillerato (high school diploma) and just afterwards I finished one year of filmmaking, learning  photography and lighting as well.

In my 5 years of  Law at the University I started a few literature and comix fanzines and I was even paid for writing in a local newspaper. At that time I attended all evenings the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Granada where I got the privilege of being taught Artistic drawing by doña Cristina, relative of the late Granadinian painter don Gabriel Morcillo.

While my artistic studies were fruitful  my law studies were so so.

So I decided doing something useful during my fifth year of law studies (besides writing) and went to Mataró where I learnt to hang curtains.

Coincidentally that year the College of Fine Arts was created in Granada (Facultad de Bellas Artes de Granada) and there I spent my next five years taught by professors García-Ligero, Miguel Fuentes del Olmo, Carlos Jiménez, Alonso Gragera and many others while in the evenings I attended again the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Granada to learn wood and stone carving, modeling and mould making.

Once graduated I was hired by the University of Delaware as T.A. teaching Spanish while receiving classes by professor Joe Moss (Sculpture) and professor Victor Spinski (Ceramics). My main works from that period were the life size “Kiss with knives” where I considered the paradoxes of loving while harming the loved one, and “Fetal woman”, both ceramics without enamel.

After having my first legal job in U.S.A. with social security number and all (thanks folks) I started working as sculpture teacher in the Schools of Art in Spain.

And I´m still on it.

(To be continued)

Further info:


Here´s my portfolio on COROFLOT

A few MOVIES in Vimeo

and MUSIC at lastfm

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